European Reform University Alliance – ERUA




  • ERUA courses in digital and hybrid form

    New Bulgarian University assists the process and supports the teachers who conduct their courses in digital or hybrid form, accessible to students from the universities in ERUA.

    We create and encourage the development of new courses in hybrid and digital form. We support the interaction and communication of teachers and students with ERUA partners in order to exchange opportunities and knowledge between the different members of the Alliance. We introduce the use of innovative digital technologies and approaches to teaching students, whether it concerns the conduct of intensive seminars or regular lectures, this contributes to the construction of a new approach to teaching that expands the horizons and possibilities of all students.


    ERUA Teaching Weeks

    The ERUA training weeks provide an opportunity to establish cooperation between colleagues from all ERUA partners from different fields. These training weeks are the first step towards getting to know each other. Initial contacts are made virtually during lectures or seminars, thus opening up new opportunities for further cooperation.


    Traveling seminars

    The traveling seminars that ERUA organizes are entirely practical and encourage different and innovative approaches to acquiring knowledge and experience.

    ERUA mobility enables one or more lecturers and students from different courses who would like part of their studies to be conducted abroad to be funded. This form allows us to involve students in the joint construction of a new, innovative educational approach, as well as a greater social commitment of teachers and students.

    Additional information and specific opportunities: https://erua-eui.eu/academic-staff/

  • Intensive and online courses

    Join ERUA's various intensive online lectures!

    Here you can find details of the course programme, as well as registration form and information.


  • ЕRUA aims to build a strong community spanning our 5 institutions by connecting and exchanging experiences between administrative staff. This includes training, language courses, creating digital connectivity and stimulating mobility.