European Reform University Alliance – ERUA

Mission and vision




As a European University Initiative we offer students a rich and diverse environment with a shared pedagogical approach focused on project-based learning, societal challenges and critical thinking. We develop personalised learning pathways in a multilingual, multicultural environment. We offer the framework and structures to allow students from different backgrounds to become part of a shared European experience.


We pursue excellence in research by promoting free thinking, a bottom-up approach and open science. We cover most disciplinary fields with a particularly strong profile in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts. This enables us to develop original interdisciplinary approaches and new answers and solutions to contemporary problems and challenges.


Our educational programmes and research projects are geared towards societal impact. To achieve this we work in close collaboration with a wide range of actors. As a European University we combine local engagement and global vision.


As Reform Universities we continuously question and transform our institutions. We foster the critical function of the modern university by reflecting upon, assessing and advancing alternatives to current models. We do so by drawing upon the diverse experiences and backgrounds of the university community, which embody the diversity of the society around us, and encourage and allow all to participate in shaping the future of the university. 





We share a vision of universities as creative spaces, an awareness of the power of experimental approaches, and an understanding of the promises of diversity. To address the challenges and problems of today, we want to bring together academics from all of Europe and students from the top and bottom socio-economic deciles, from rural and urban settings, from local and global backgrounds. Together we aim to shape a more just, open and inclusive society.